The Army Painter: Quick Shade Can, Strong Tone (250 ml)

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Quick Shade för att snabbt få era miniatyrer klarar för spel!

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Quick Shade Get more time for Gaming!
The superb Quick Shade creates fantastic shadow effects on any model with just a single application. The new and improved, unique formula is also a very strong varnish and any hobbyist can create an army extremely fast and to a very high standard if this product is applied.
Whats new about it?
1. The new formula is slightly more matt and thinner than its predecessor (Fanatic Army Painter) and coats better making it easier to use, especially for first timers.
2. The 4 previous types have been mixed down to 3 generic tones. Making the choice
simpler and stock levels easier to manage for the Independent Retailer.
3. Its a whopping 5.00 cheaper pr. can, making it available to all hobbyists and stores!
4. It is presented with a strong brand in a very professional dispenser making it part of a whole range.
The Quick Shade is a must for the model maker & war-gamer who needs a superb looking army and is not necessarily the best or most patient/talented miniature painter in the world!

Quick Shade – Retail Sales Pointers:
-Incredibly simple to use!
-Shade and varnish in one!
-All hobbyists can finish any army fast and to a high standard!
-Great value as Quick Shade can will last 150-200 miniatures!
-Strong price point for a high quality product which can be used for any system/miniature/model!
-If you sell miniatures in your store, you can sell more as the customers can paint them quicker!
Quick Shade comes in 3 different tones.
1. Soft Tone – For the light shade and commonly used on models with bright colours.
2. Strong Tone -The core Quick Shade. The best all-round and our most selling tone.
3. Dark Tone – With black pigment. Use to get a heavy look. Outstanding on armour.

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