Room 25: Dice Tower Promo 2016

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Ett oanvänt rum till Room: 25 som kom med The Dice Towers kickstarter 2016.

Mr. Tom’s Hall (Green Room):

Tom is neither a guard nor a prisoner, he’s a games fan and therefore a guest on the show. When you enter the room, if you give your reminder token (by discarding it permanently), you may immediately choose between seeing a hidden adjacent room, or being pushed into an adjacent room. If you refuse to give your reminder token or if you don’t have it anymore, he pushes you into an adjacent room chosen by the first player of the turn (it can be yourself).

Note: You can’t use this room in Madness mode (due to reminder tokens being absent)

History Note: Originally called Uncle Tom’s Hall, but changed Room 25 publisher Matagot (a French company) once they learned of the meaning of “Uncle Tom” in America.

Du hittar mer information här samt på Board Game Geek.

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